Black Men Will VOTE IN 2020's Mission is to teach communities that historically have been underserved how to FISH and build Generational WEALTH. The Baton was dropped when Dr. King was shot and not picked up until now. Picking Up Your Baton allows us to assist with training black males ages 16 through 25 in business development, Quickbooks, and IT. These young men are being taught how to restore their communities with their hands and how to become real estate developers. They are required to engage in each phase of the remodeling process.

Black Men Will Vote In 2020 is a strategic effort to provide Black Men a reason to vote.  A vast majority of Black Men believe their vote doesn't matter or count. While that may be true in many America’s urban cores, we cannot afford to allow that to remain the consensus - we must change the narrative by impacting the final outcome.


Black Men Will Vote In 2020  will focus on  “Picking Up The Baton” in a country where trust has been lost in Churches, Law Enforcement, Elected Officials, and Schools, the negative effects in Black Communities are overwhelmingly obvious.  

Black Men Will Vote In 2020 is looking for 20,000 Black Men in each state that will commit to vote and take a pledge for the betterment of their families and communities. The pledge is: "I represent the State of ……and I am "Picking Up The Baton" by voting in 2020 and deleting any Black Man in my phone that does not vote in 2020." Each man will further commit to personally take a minimum of 20 individuals to the polls to support this effort. 


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