Why Be Counted is a national Black Men Will Vote in 2020 practical, innovative and viable solution designed to sign up Hard To Count constituents for the 2020 Census.  Why Be Counted (WBC) focuses on training and putting money in the pockets of young black men between the ages of 16 and 25. Black Men Will Vote in 2020 believes that the black man is the most underserved and disrespected individual in the United States of America.  

Based on the lack of respect and value for Black Men, cities and counties avoid providing them outreach dollars but expects Black Men and their families to be counted, so they can receive money for their count. In 2020 once cities and counties fund WBC we are prepared to launch successful count campaigns while empowering our young black men across America. 

Why Be Counted will provide workforce development, business development, marketing and sales training, and most importantly assist them in developing self-worth. By, WBC educating,  empowering and providing economic opportunities to young black men, it will reduce crime and provide hope for individuals living in poverty-stricken and underserved communities.

If you are an individual or organization in America that cares about the development of young black men and would like to become a coalition partner in your community complete the form below.


If you are a young man between 16 and 25 years old and any one of the following applies to you then fill out the form:

  1. Tired of seeing your mom struggle 

  2. Don't want to be KILLED in the streets of your city 

  3. Want to learn how to make money being your own BOSS

  4. Have a kid(s) and want to be a good dad

  5. Not afraid to take a stand 

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