A Successful Black Men Will Vote in 2020



During the 2020 Election Cycle roughly $6 Billion Dollars will be spent on Voter Registration,  Mainstream, and Social Media to Influence you, your loved ones, and individuals in your community to vote. Based on history and under the current structure you, your loved ones, and your community will not receive $1.00 of the $6 Billion Dollars, but with BLACK MEN WILL VOTE IN 2020, the game is being challenged and changed. 


Black Men Will Vote is a strategic effort to ensure that you, your loved ones, your community and WE have an opportunity to receive at least 13% percent of the $6 Billion Dollars because Blacks as a whole can and will determine who the next President of America will be. We have the POWER TO CHALLENGE AND CHANGE THE GAME!!!!!



BLACK MEN WILL VOTE IN 2020 will deliver the following:

  1. Well Informed and Educated Voters 

  2. Capital Infusion In Urban Communities Across America 

  3. 2000 New, Young, and Skilled Real Estate Developers 

  4. Hope Within A Hopeless Society 

  5. A Trusted Source for Information

  6. Safer Communities 

  7. Affordable Housing 

  8. Reduction in Circumstantial Homelessness  

  9. Elected Official and Law Enforcement Accountability 

Expected Outcomes  


Black Men Will Vote in 2020  theorizes, based on primary data, that challenging individuals to “Pick Up The Baton” will inspire them to vote and become more community oriented, while accomplishing goals they never thought about achieving.  The wording was very intentional to say “never thought about” versus “never thought they could” accomplish. The wording speaks to the mindset of those who have lived in low to moderate or underserved communities their entire lives. Self efficacy with respect to financial security will be elevated. Impact will be evaluated by the increases in income and savings in the targeted communities, and decreased calls for emergency services involving violent crimes.


Black Men Will Vote in 2020 will create value for individuals that are most apt to commit or be victims of violent crime in America. Individuals will have opportunities within their communities to receive training in Plumbing, HVAC, Electrician, Masonry, Bookkeeping, Inventory Management, IT, Logistics, and Project Management. They will be offered an opportunity to acquire certifications and licenses in the industry that interests them most.


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