Black Men will Vote in 2020 platform calls for a proportional percentage of the 2020 Census Budget per County, 13% of the 2020 Election Cycle Advertising Budget per candidate, and 500 Billion Dollar New Market Tax Credit to Restore Families Across America by providing location-based economic development. The Tax Credit will be called Professional Athlete Restoration Tax (PART). PART allocation will cover five years at $100 Billion per year. PART is a five-year pilot that will have an immediate positive impact on Urban and Rural Communities.  


A successful application of PART over the five years would:

  1. Reduce Homelessness In America By 50%

  2. Develop Safer Communities through Information and Opportunities 

  3. Address  Mass Incarceration By Investigating Over Prosecution 

  4. Lower The Veteran Suicide Rate From An average of 22 Per Day To Single Digits 

  5. End The Affordable Housing Crisis While Developing New Skilled Labor 

  6. National Martin Luther King Street Revitalization Initiative 

  7. Effectively Address Mental Health Issues Caused By Environmental Trauma 

Community Information Hubs

People are perishing from lack of knowledge by not receiving valuable information in a timely manner. CIH will keep PEOPLE in the KNOW. Community Info Hubs (CIH) serves as the backbone for programs and practical solutions designed to revitalize urban cores and embrace Rural America while partnering with Suburban America.


Barbershops, Day Cares, Hair Salons, and Mom and Pop Restaurants historically are not only gathering places for food and beauty, but are also places to share information, fellowship, mentor, and provide training.

Holding Elected Officials Accountable

Each elected official at every level of government must be provided with a to-do list. An elected official that does not perform, and those that prevent him or her from performing, should not be re-elected. 


The one thing a politician cares about is keeping their seat. It is our job and civic duty to fire non-performing elected officials.  

Implement Neighborhood Policing

We Are Going Home is a national community accountability and policing model that seeks to build trust and make communities safer. We Are Going Home has one primary goal - to ensure that law enforcement personnel and citizens both go home each time they encounter one another. The program will train citizens and law enforcement personnel how to interact with each other at each point of contact.


We Are Going Home educates groups directly through training law enforcement and citizens alike, as well as maintaining a support group for black males ages (11-25) through an initiative called, We Got Your Back (WGYB).

Skills Training 

Providing Real Opportunities (PRO) is a location-based workforce development training program for young adults in hard-to-reach and underserved areas in Urban, Suburban, and Rural Communities.


Created with the purpose of minimizing barriers to economic success for various demographics, PRO intends to leverage the skills and knowledge of the surrounding community experts to ensure local needs are met in a culturally aware, transparent, and effective way.

Develop Local Ownership 

Pathways To Independence (PTI) serves as an economic and community wealth-building program for local governments and constituents.


PTI provides a series of business training courses, along with hands-on mentoring, to new and previously established small, local business owners, all of which, if completed, allows participating trainees to become eligible for micro-financing support as either start-up capital and/or capacity building funds.

Partnership Affordable Housing

My Backyard is a neighborhood ownership stabilization program pilot focusing on local ownership and rental affordability for residents. The Program's mission is to take underemployed individuals with limited income and assist them in becoming homeowners. My Backyard partners will include local municipalities, USDA, nonprofits, and private resources.

Each participating partner will have a defined role with defined benefits/rewards.  My Backyard will address housing issues of many Struggling Americans including the following:

  1. Veterans

  2. Single Moms 

  3. Restaurant and Hospitality Workers 

  4. Small Businesses Owners with 1 to 3 employees

MLK Street Revitalization Initiative

MLK Street Revitalization was created to fulfill the dream of Dr. King and honor the work of those who died and those who lived through the fight for human rights, equality, civil rights, and the constitutional rights for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

The revitalization of the street will also serve as a shot of inspiration, hope and opportunity for the local community while creating a destination for tourism and naturally correcting many of the social ills that currently live on and around MLK streets on a national level.

Develop Safe Communities 

iTHINK is a public safety and quality of life initiative created with a direct intent of providing a series of short term and long term programs, generating a community support system against violence for the purposes of reducing crime due to poverty, and transforming mindsets through opportunity and economic development in hard to reach areas. 


iTHINK is essentially a life-saving effort that seeks to prevent and reduce criminal activity by tackling poverty and offering a variety of tools and educational training activities to enhance safety and life experiences, fostering a more positive environment.

Reduce Homelessness 

Forgiving All Missteps and Investing Love Yearlong (FAMILY) is an innovative, practical, and viable solution designed by iTHINK Solutions to significantly reduce chronic and circumstancial homelessness. FAMILY offers a 100% home-ownership guarantee upon successful completion of the solution. FAMILY is designed to be completed within a 4-year time period, regardless of the reasons for homelessness.


While the percentage may be high, not all individuals in homeless situations are a result of mental illness or drugs. Some individuals may have had unexpected hard times, natural disasters that leave them stranded, and/or a plethora of other occurrences that are simply difficult to overcome alone without adequate help. FAMILY aims to support those experiencing homelessness due to ANY unique and/or complex set of situations.


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