Black Men Will Vote In 2020 is an Educational  Awareness Project answering a 911 call from Struggling Americans that are seeking opportunities regardless of race or political views.  Black Men Will Vote In 2020 believes through opportunity, America will become safer and prosperous for all. The question is, what effect is financial insecurity playing in America's Senseless Violence and Drug Masking?

We are not DEMOCRATS or REPUBLICANS but we are talented, resourceful, independent-thinking, and concerned AMERICANS that have the heart, desire, and fortitude to solve decades-old issues. We will only view and listen to information that travels through media streams we endorse to make informed decisions.  We are confident our mothers, sisters, and daughters will stand with us. The only way to get our vote is to EARN IT!!!!!

In May of 2018, there were 50.8 million working U.S. households that couldn’t afford a basic monthly budget including housing, food, child care, health care, transportation, and a cell phone, according to new data released by the United Way ALICE Project.  According to a Nov 2019, CBS News article by Aimee Picchi, 70% of Americans stated they are struggling with either paying bills or saving money. It should be noted that Race or Political Affiliation has not and will not protect individuals from becoming a Struggling America.

Black Men Will Vote In 2020 will travel through Urban and Rural communities utilizing commonalities to strengthen and empower All Struggling Americans. During each stop data will be collected, analyzed and a solution developed based on the community needs.  Solutions will be delivered to each community that will benefit them and their loved ones, as long as the necessary resources are allocated to implement the solutions.

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Local Officials In Cities Are Failing Blacks In America


It has been well documented that city, county, and local school officials fail day in and day out to create positive change in Black Communities. Many of these individuals grew up in these cities but have LITTLE TO NO VALUE for the people who live in them. It doesn't matter the race or gender, a vast majority have and will continue to fail you and your neighborhood, communities, districts, and wards because of us not holding them accountable.  The Bottom Line is if you love your Grandmother, Mom, Sisters, and Nieces, it is time to MAN UP! 

Homelessness Is An Epic Failure of Local Governments

Chronic homelessness has become a major problem in America. Tens of thousands of Americans are left living out on the streets, trapped in a cycle of poverty, rendering them unable to find a steady livelihood.


Based on primary data, millions of taxpayers dollars are being squandered every year by local officials. Research

proves that local elected officials allow politics and personal relationships to determine what they support. Some of the worst cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Atlanta, and Dallas turn their backs on new solutions in favor of the same old programs, despite annual increases in the homeless population.

Senseless Violence is destroying Families Across America 


Urban cores in America are under siege with senseless violence while cities' officials don't adequately address it.  On a daily basis, major cities such as a Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Memphis, St. Louis, and Philadelphia have young black children and Black Males being murdered at an alarming rate. 

The acts of senseless violence lead to additional issues, such as environmental trauma and distrust for law enforcement when the crimes are not solved. 


Instead of police harping on Gangs, Guns, and Drugs, the more appropriate action might be to ask the questions: 

WHO is committing the SENSELESS VIOLENCE?

WHY are they committing the SENSELESS VIOLENCE?

HOW do we stop them from committing SENSELESS VIOLENCE?

There is one guarantee you can make in America: a young black man will kill another young black man today. 

Veterans Can Be A Part of the Solution!

The number of suicides for Veterans is thought to be 20 to 22 per day, which is unconscionable. To think that America and Americans have not solved this travesty is totally unacceptable and must be addressed with practical solutions and love. Every Veteran and service member needs to know they are needed and valued in our current society. 


According to a 2012 VA report, on average 22 Veterans / Active duty service members were dying by suicide per day.  A Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) report on September 15, 2017, stated that on average 20 Veterans / Active duty service members were killing themselves per day. The report further stated that:

  • 70% were not under VA care (14 out of 20)

  • 65% Veterans who died by suicide in 2014 were over the age of 50

All Veterans are welcome to help us get the word out that this is not acceptable, that we will band together to see Veterans become a vibrant and beloved part of our society!

Housing Should and Can Be Affordable 


American cities and their local leaders have failed to provide/implement affordable housing despite receiving billions on an annual basis from the federal government. These cities have blighted real estate that should and could be rehabbed and repurposed. Primary data will prove that predominately African American communities are neglected on a consistent basis by Mayors and local representatives. 

Home Ownership is the key to effectively addressing Affordable Housing. Based on inflation vs wages, rents are an uncontrollable variable. The first phase of any plan for a city facing an affordable housing crisis should be to repair and sell all blighted properties to primary home owners. This effort will increase the tax base and provide restoration to neighborhoods.

The renovating of blighted properties can serve as a skill training and divergence opportunity for young men from the community. It is and should be the responsibility of elected officials (representatives) to find or develop innovative and practical solutions to these problems.

Cities like Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, and Philadelphia that have an enormous amount of blighted and vacant property could become true models of the American Dream. When more individuals' dreams come true, more communities become SAFER.


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